"Der Architekt. Without illusions"

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A. Mart'yanov, 
"Without illusions." 

Fiction stories in russian.

The first novel of the trilogy "Architect". 

This is the story of a professional who could no longer tolerate the dilettantism. Story of a man who believed in living deity and was disappointed in him. History how could end World War II, if in 1942, Adolf Hitler disappeared from the political horizon. In the novel "Without illusions" aouthor shows us causes of the catastrophe for the Third Reich. "Germany without Hitler" is given another chance, which implements the new chancellor - Albert Speer.


  • Circulation: 10,500 copies. 
  • Publishing year: 2013 
  • Place of publication: Moscow 
  • Language of Text: Russian 
  • Type of cover: solid matte cover 
  • Format: 125 mm x 202 mm 
  • Number of pages: 448, boom. FFS., b & w illustration. 
  • Weight: 540 g
"Der Architekt. Without illusions"
Price: 420 rub.