First T-34. Сombat use

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First T-34. Сombat use

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"The first T-34"
(Alexander Ulanov, D. Shein)


T-34 is deservedly considered legendary machine. This is one of the most vivid symbols of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War. About this tank is written a lot of books. As it praised it as in Soviet times, and so it  abused in the nineties, when the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

Of particular interest is the initial period of the Great Patriotic War . T-34 tank known good mobility and high rate. So , is it true that the Germans feared him like animals feared fire ? Then, maybe , they won at first because there were few of these tanks ? Although everything can be different. It is possible that all the talk about the great qualities of the tank - just propaganda, and no use of it was not. The authors of this book have tried to provide the most objective information about what was the fate of the first T-34 at the beginning of the war.

Life for this tank began very hard . Testing of the first machines were accompanied by many problems. Production of tanks in series production was delayed due to lack of parts, and the war was approaching. New tanks had to quickly learn in army units, and then they went through a baptism of fire in the summer of 1941 about all this the authors write in their book "The first T-34."

During the war, the tank had to constantly update and upgrade. He had an enormous influence on the outcome of the war and the development of tank. Set of combat skills T-34 is unique. Due to this, he was recognized by many experts one of the best tanks of the Second World War.

Used materials

In writing this book has been used by many archival materials. For example, documentary and photographic materials of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Military Archive, the Russian State Archive of the economy. Many of these materials are published for the first time.

We should also mention a great book design, high quality paper and rich illustrations. The authors made ​​sure that readers can read comfortably, so all the footnotes with explanations and links posted on the margins of a book.


  •  Circulation: 10,500 copies.
  •  Year of publication: 2013
  •  Place of publication: Moscow
  •  Language of Text: Russian
  •  Type of cover: glossy hard cover
  •  Format: 205 mm x 265 mm
  •  Number of pages: 208, coated paper, photos and illustrations, color insert.
  •  Weight: 960 g
First T-34. Сombat use
Price: 850 rub.
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First T-34. Сombat use