Gift Set «Soviet Tanks»

Price:2100 rub.
Manufacturer:Tactical Press



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Gift Set «Soviet Tanks»

Not availible

The set includes:

  • «T-60 and other tanks on its basis». Yury Pasholok
  • «SU-152 and other artillery units on KV basis». Yury Pasholok
  • «KV-1 of Leningrad». Maksim Kolomiets
  • Bonus-code for «Type-62» tank. When activated, gives 1 day of premium-account with the tank.



We wish to draw your attention to the rules of getting bonus code for an online game "World of Tanks".

  • The code printed on a special card,that has packed in the box.
  • The code is not available separately from the box.
  • The code can not be purchased separately.
  • The code can only be activated on RU servers!
  • The code CANNOT be activated on any other servers, including Euro, USA, Asia, Korea and China!
  • Please pay attention: on one game account you can activate only one bonus code.
  • When you buy this Gift Set, the code can not be granted to the buyer separately.
  • When you buy this Gift Set, the code can not be provided or shipped to the buyer separately.
  • Bonus code will expire on 31.12.2016


Gift Set «Soviet Tanks»
Price: 2100 rub.
Gift Set «Soviet Tanks»