IS-4 Heavy tank

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IS-4 Heavy tank

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"Heavy tank IS-4"
(Kolomiec, Maksim Viktorovich)


The monograph is devoted entirely to IS-4 heavy tank, which was developed as a response to the German heavy tanks and self-propelled guns appeared in the summer of 1943. It has been assigned the index "object 701" but in front of it was only hard luck. Created almost from scratch, the tank lagged behind the rapidly changing requirements, and when settled for production it was already outdated. By artillery armament it had no advantages over IS-2 and IS-3, transmission characterized by low reliability, its maneuverability and passability also were not high…

The book presents the history of the IS-4 heavy tank in greatest detail from design to operation in the army. Many of the materials used in this book are first time published.

Materials used:

  • Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (RF CAMD)
  • Russian State Archive of Economics (RSAE)
  • Archive of the publishing house "KM Strategy" (ASKM)
  • Igor Jeltovs personal archive (IJ)
  • Kirill Koksharovs archive (KK)
  • Archive of the publishing house "Tactical Press" (TP)
  • IS-4 operating instructions.


  • Circulation: 5000 copies.
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • Place of publication: Tverskaya Oblast
  • Language of Text: Russian
  • Type of cover: matte hard cover, glossy dust cover
  • Format: 265 mm x 205 mm
  • Number of pages: 144, coated paper, photos and illustrations, color insert.
  • Weight: 645 g.
IS-4 Heavy tank
Price: 850 rub.
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IS-4 Heavy tank