Machineguns. Encyclopedia

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Machineguns. Encyclopedia

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 "Machineguns. Encyclopedia "
(author M. Popenker)


Machine gun is a symbol of industrial revolution and industrialization of war in the late nineteenth century. In World War their massive use drastically changed the tactics of warfare. And the main consequence was the appearance of new weapon types - tanks and military aviation. Constantly evolving, machine gun took a well-deserved place in the arsenal of modern armies and other security agencies. This book is about the history of this weapon class.

The book is divided into several parts. Introduction focuses on the description of machinegun elements. The main part is divided into sections by country, which provides a historical overview of the development machineguns in this particular country, as well as descriptions of the most important and interesting systems. The Appendix contains a statement on the main types of ammunition for the guns, described in the book. All descriptions are supplemented with illustrations, photographs and diagrams.


  • Circulation: 3,000 copies.
  • Publishing year: 2014
  • Language of Text: Russian
  • Type of Cover: hard glossy cover
  • Size: 225 mm x 285 mm
  • Number of pages: 488., Hardcover, color used in the book "outset", diagrams and illustrations, coated paper.
  • Weight: 2275 gr.
Machineguns. Encyclopedia
Price: 2000 rub.
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Machineguns. Encyclopedia