Master of Orion

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Master of Orion

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Earth is exhausted. Humanity gets new technologies from the race far more advanced and leaves the Solar System.

Humans now search for a new home - new hearth, burning brightly. Wandering the space, they find out - it's struggle everywhere, either open or covert. After meeting new races of aliens and witnessing galactic-spanning wars, humans decide to  go in for the power struggle and try to prevail.

It's not easy to become the master of the galaxy. First of all, you should choose the most suitable way for you. Each race has it's own preferred strategies and tactics, so choose wisely.

After all, it's you who's gonna rule the stars!

About the game

«Master of Orion» is a card game, based on 1993 computer hit. Just like in digital version, explore the space, inhabit planets, build colonies, send your fleets to war with opponents, trade resources with each other - everything to lead your people to prosperity. Just don't forget about the loyalty of your subjects - once they may try overthrow you, choosing another leader...


  • 90 building cards
  • 8 advisor cards
  • 6 civilisation slates
  • 60 wooden dice
  • 16 tokens
  • Point-counter
  • the Rules
  • Box size 255х255х62 
  • Card size 63х89 

Master of Orion. Правила игры

Master of Orion
Price: 1490 rub.
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Master of Orion