Spyfall: The Box is Not Enough

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Spyfall: The Box is Not Enough

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Bond. James Bond.

You always wanted to say these words, wearing an immaculate smoking and holding a gun and a glass of your favourite beverage? You always liked the spies' courage, resourcefulness and charisma?

Well, good news, everyone - you've got your chance to prove yourself as a spy! Show your oppponents what you're made of, play mind tricks on them and complete your mission without being compromised!

Or... try to catch the roguish spy - find out, who is who around you, asking right questions and watching the reaction of the other players!

About the add-on

In the add-on "The box is not enough" you get 6 new location (48 cards) - zoo, night club, carnival and even boardgame convent! Interesting places for espionage, aren't they?
To play this add-on you'll need the base set of the game «Spyfall»



  • 48 cards
  • 6 card bags
  • Rules of Play
Spyfall: The Box is Not Enough
Price: 290 rub.
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Spyfall: The Box is Not Enough