Metro 2033

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Metro 2033

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This boardgame is set in the post-nuclear apocalyptic future, based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovskiy.

Moscow subway, now inhabited by the survivors of the great war, is a harsh world. Infinite war between gangs, station-states and madmen is on. Monsters and darkness are the threat no less - but fear not, for fear is the mind-killer. And mind you will need to achieve victory in this strategic game of underground warfare, resource-management and politics.

We recommend this game to everyone, who likes post-apocalyptic atmosphere, strategic games, and for whom the book «Metro 2033» is not just ink and paper, but much more.


  • board game
  • 6 faction cards
  • 6 hero cards
  • 6 plastic hero figure
  • 7 law cards
  • 36 threat cards (18 cards for 1st and 2nd stage each)
  • 18 equipment cards
  • 18 task cards
  • 7 fighting cards
  • resource tokens: 35 pigs, shrooms, clips
  • faction tokens: 13 for each faction
  • 1st player tokens
  • round token
  • rules of play

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Metro 2033
Price: 1990 rub.
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Metro 2033