Stalin's Steel balls

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Stalin's Steel balls

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"Stalin Steel balls"
(Yuri Pasholok)


The Great Patriotic War forces engineers looked for original and innovative solutions in all areas and dimensions. There is a theme, one name that brings a smile, however, Yuri Pasholok made  very serious study, that attempts to implement projects and combat vehicles in the form of discs, cylinders, spheres, and such incredible copies as tanks, rollers, tanks, coils and even tanks which can jump. 

The question remains - whether inventors "sharotankov" charlatans or engineering? Yes, none of these projects has not been put into service, but patents on spherical style phones today: spherical armored mobile platform (SAMP), patented June 21, 2011, Benjamin Tillman of Fausto Virginia. This is a typical sharotank-monocycle equipped with machine guns. At one time people did not believe in aviation and who knows...

Sources of materials

"The basis for the study of this phenomenon had become documents of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The fund of the Chief Directorate of the Red Army armored ( GABTU SC ) has a separate inventory - Department of inventions. It was there that materials from those inventions that haven't been implemented, not only absurd and untenable, but also those who have been victims of unfair competition or is not interested in large ranks GABTU SC, were stockpiled. Besides Russian archival documents in the book involved the mass of foreign material."


  • Circulation: 5,000 copies.
  • Publishing year: 2014
  • Language of Text: Russian
  • Type of Cover: hard glossy cover
  • Number of pages: 304., Hardcover, color used in the book "outset", diagrams and illustrations, coated paper.
  • Weight: 450 gr.
Stalin's Steel balls
Price: 850 rub.
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Stalin's Steel balls