Star Wars: Secret Invasion

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Star Wars: Secret Invasion

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Princess Leia has been captured by Darth Vader right after she got the Death Star designs. Now she is imprisoned and guarded by Imperial Stormtroopers. Vader will do anything to find out the location of Rebel Alliance base of operations. Now Leia is truly a damsel in distress, so she needs the help of some heroes - but whom? Main characters of the immortal space saga will compete and scheme against each other in this cunning game of trickery and adventure - all this to become Leia's saviour.

The game is set at the time of «Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope».

About the game

«Star Wars: Secret Invasion» is in fact a «Love Letter», set in the famous galaxy of «Star Wars». The rules have undergone some revision too. It's still a quick, magnificent game of luck, intuition and deduction. Players play cards, watch each other... and use the Force, of course!

Main priority if the game remained unchanged - you still need to get closer to the princess. But a princess has changed - as like as the way to victory: instead of passive Annette we've got bold and quickwitted Leia, and instead of delivering a love letter we must set her free from the shackles of the Dark Lord of the Sith!


  • 17 cards;
  • 4 reference cards;
  • 14 victory tokens;
  • rules of play.
  • Box size 155х93х25
  • Card size 120x79

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Star Wars: Secret Invasion
Price: 390 rub.
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Star Wars: Secret Invasion