Tanks in the Winter War" Combat operations

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Tanks in the Winter War

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"Tanks in the Winter War"
(Irincheev B.)


In this book you will find information about tank divisions of the Red Army in the Soviet-Finnish War of 1939-40:Teletanks, flamethrower tanks, first battle for a tanks KVInformation in a detail about tank battle at the  halt Honkaniemi based on materials from the Finnish and Soviet sourcesDescribed the raid 1st and 13th brigades light tanks to Finnish rear during the second half of February 1940. First time you can read exposure from the diaries, interrogation of prisoners of war, as well as Soviet and Finnish archival records. Actions 8th and 9th Armies described as synopsis.

In the book you will find a variety of schemes, maps and photographs from the collection of PCC Finnish Defence Forces, various archives and even private collections.

In appendix is a complete list of armored materiel losses 7th Army on the Karelian Isthmus in December 1939. In addition, for the first time in Russian published record of the interrogation of Captain Janov, commander of the 91st tank battalion, still erroneously presumed dead.

Used materials

The book contains documentary and visual material in the following funds :

  •  Russian State Military Archive ( RSMA ) and Archive Finnish Defence Forces ;
  •  Personal Archive of  Irincheeva Bair ;
  •  Archive publishing " KM Strategy " ( ASKM );
  •  Archive publishing " Tactical Media ";
  •  My family archive Skvortsov ;
  •  Russian State Archives of Film and documentary photographs ;
  •  Fotobank Finnish Defence Forces ;
  •  Collection of the Museum of History of the Leningrad Military District and the collection of the Museum of History of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps .


  •  Circulation: 10,500 copies.
  •  Year of publication: 2013
  •  Place of publication: Moscow
  •  Language of Text: Russian
  •  Type of cover: glossy hard cover
  •  Format: 205 mm x 265 mm
  •  Number of pages: 248, coated paper, photos and illustrations, color inserts.
  •  Weight: 800 g
Tanks in the Winter War" Combat operations
Price: 850 rub.
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Tanks in the Winter War